In 1990 I became aware that damaging chemicals were being used to grow our food….upon researching I gathered the understanding of it’s effects on the human body and this started my journey.

In 2004 I became an ACO certified organic farmer, growing in Central Victoria producing eggs, herbs, vegetables and fruit.

More recently, 2015, I started Almar Organics in Albury, NSW.  This little certified organic food box service and retail shop business I started has now grown considerably as the new owners, Clint & Katie Hall, have taken it to new heights.  Check it out at

Now living in Shepparton I have started ECO – food for wellness.  As the name suggests I’m providing Everything Certified Organic – food for wellness, to prevent illness and maintain a state of homeostasis.

In short, a state of homeostasis means the human body’s organs and body systems are functioning correctly and is therefore able to combat, using a coordinated response of all parts, any stimulus that disturbs its normal condition or function, which can then lead to ailments and illnesses.

“if the diet is wrong, medicine is of no use,
if the diet is right, there is no need for medicine”
Ayuervedic proverb

I hope our website is informative and helpful with links to further information if you’d like to know more and I promise to provide you with only, certified organic products to promote optimal health which leads to quality of life for the mind, body and soul.

kind regards,