Welcome to ECO where you can improve your health by utilizing certified organic food as medicine or preferably, as a prevention measure for many medical conditions. Its never too late to help your body function like it was intended and maintain homeostasis. Most ailments are due to certain organs or body systems not working correctly. We believe the cause is due to ingesting the chemicals that are used;

  • in growing our food

  • in the added preservatives

  • in the over processing of food

  • in prescribed drugs

As your body tries to deal with these poisons; organs, cells and body systems are damaged and begin to malfunction. Certified organic grown food gives you the best assurance available that no synthetic chemicals have been used to produce it, therefore initiates optimal body health.

Here at ECO you can type in your ailment or choose from our list of ailments, body systems, organs, vitamins, minerals or simply the product category you’re looking for. After your selection you will be shown, and be able to purchase, the certified organic form of those products recommended to improve your health selection.